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Ambrewlance brings convenience to clients

Lee Roy Hewitt dispensing drinks from their innovative mobile bar.                                                                                                                   PIC: SUPPLIED

By Babalwa Maseme

A new concept that sees one’s favourite drink being delivered right to their doorstep is taking Bloemfontein by storm.

The concept, interestingly titled Ambrewlance, is threatening to alter the idea of “going for a drink” to “calling for a drink” in an age where, almost everything, from clothes to take-aways, is only a “click” away. The name is a combination of the words, “ambulance” and “brew”, which gives one an idea that this is some sort of an ambulance that one can call for delivery of their favourite brew, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

According to Ambrewlance spokesperson, Jon Goetsch, the idea came about when, on 15 December 2018, he and his two friends and business partners, Lee Roy Hewit and Gideon Swart, were chatting over some beers.

“This brilliant concept of a mobile bar was born as we sat and chatted about the passion for good beer and amazing fun with my friends,” said Goetsch.

That thought was then transformed into reality as the daring trio decided to try out their concept by purchasing an old 1960 model VW minibus which they went on to renovate to suit their concept.

“This business plan started as a thought on how to bring something different to the boring local beer market. While every time someone needs a drink, they are forced to leave their place and go to a club or tarven, we thought it would be nice if the ‘drink’ was to come to the client,” Goetsch explained.

According to Goetsch, Ambrewlance is not just a mobile bar that delivers alcohol only, but it is a bus that delivers fun and good vibes. They cater for an array of activities which include weddings, bachelor’s parties, birthday parties and corporate functions, among others.

“We are a mobile bar that is “green” so we do not to plug our beer system, lights and music onto electricity. These run from the solar system that we use. Our other strength is that we can tailor a package to fit any festive occasion as long as the client(s) are over 18 years of age,” added Goetsch.

The market has responded positively and Ambrewlance can currently cater for between 40-400 clients without any hiccups. The mobile bar has ice-chilled taps for dispensing cold drinks and alcohol.

Their future plans include focusing on clients and assisting with the best service that will be the talk of the city, thus creating a bigger demand for their services in the process.

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