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Spring fever grips Bloemfontein

By Nokwethemba Mchunu      – 

The season of happiness is here!

Winter, summer and autumn may have their fans but spring, with its abundance of colour and scent, is definitely is a favourite of many.

With most trees putting up a new attire as new leaves sprout, plants turning green, bountiful fruits and veggies to indulge in, birds and animals that migrated running away from the chilly winter period trekking back, while beautiful flowers bloom and add colour and scents to the environment, without a doubt, spring is a season to behold.

Ntswaki Sekhothu, a florist at Mimosa Blommemark in Westedene, Bloemfontein, concurs that spring is a season to be awed of because of the beautiful flowers that are synonymous with the City of Roses.

“We specialise in roses, lilies, barberton daisies, chrysentanms and renonkels and other flower varieties. I’m excited and interested about spring because most flowers are going to be blooming very well compared to the winter season,” said Sekhothu.

According to Sekhothu, couples tying knots this coming spring should consider roses, barberton daisies and renonkels with bright colours such as series pink, orange, red and yellow.

“The coming of spring means that we will be getting more customers in the shop because a lot of people will be getting married and holding events,” added Sekhothu.

Mimosa Blommemark sell flowers and also do deliveries for customers in and around Bloemfontein.

For most people, there is nothing greater than the joy of having sunlight. The sun is a source of energy and free Vitamin D. Winter had turned some skins dry which can make some people to have a low self-esteem.

In spring, only a few people have skin problems because the sun is there to make skins glow.

When it comes to fashion, there seems to be no other season that can equal the joys that spring brings along with it. The transformation from heavy jackets and long jeans to the more revealing and liberating crop tops, short skirts, sandals, shorts and other clothing artefacts is really one to behold.

Thabo Malefane (25) from Wepener said; “I’m very excited about spring because I hate it when it is cold and I also hate wearing a lot of clothes. This coming spring season I will be rocking my vests, short pants, kickers and chiskop on my head,” Thabo added.

Spring is the season of showing-off your body, showing people the achievements of going to the gym while it was still winter. It is all about being colourful, beautiful and being happy.

“I’m happy that spring is coming because I can’t wait to wear clothes that reveal my body,” said 16year old Petronella Matiwane.

Most people do not struggle with clothes on sunny days compared to when it is winter.

“I can’t wait to spot my flowery shirt, short pants and sandals,” explained Petronella.

People call spring “the season of entertainment” especially in Bloemfontein with all the upcoming events. Some upcoming events are; the ever-so-popular annual Spring Bash at Mahungra Car Wash on 2 September, Cider and C’jo Experience on 9 September as well as Macufe coming at the beginning of October.

People are sure to enjoy themselves especially because the sun will be out. Lovers of fun do not have to go home early because of being cold.

People are going to be out and about enjoying themselves. It really is a season for everyone to flourish.


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